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1. Microsoft Finally and Quietly Silences Zune Music Service

The Microsoft’s digital music service and Zune players have been competing Apple’s iTunes and iPod since their launch way back in the year 2006. However their overall flop has been a disgrace to the multi-billion dollar company. In fact the Zune hardware was rendered insignificant and consequently abrogated in 2011.

On Sunday, this week, Zune music streaming and download service was quietly brought to a halt! Now you are in the know! However, all existing Zune players might still operate as MP3 player media. The worst case scenario is that the players will remain useless in as much as streaming or downloading music online is concerned. In what seemed as a desperate attempt to justify the hardware’s failure, Microsoft reiterated that Zune lovers and subscribers would be switched to the company’s optional music platform called “Groove”.

2. Huawei Unveils a Swift-Charge Battery

The giant Chinese technology company, Huawei, has unleashed twin prototype lithium-ion batteries that charge in just a couple of minutes via bespoke charger. In a demonstrative comparison of the normal battery and the prototype, a two-minute charge time recorded remarkable success. This may just be a timely hit for the Chinese company and its mobile products!

While the low capacity battery did 68% within the two-minute charging time, it couldn’t run a smartphone for a significant amount of time. Meanwhile, the high capacity type did just about 48% within five minutes, and displayed service effectiveness, with a 10-hour smart talk-time. It is true that battery life largely affects the performance of mobile devices; this noble innovation could be a big plus to the performance the company’s mobile devices.

3. Google Self-drive Car Pulled Over for Being Extra-slow

In California’s Mountain View, a Google’s self-drive car has been pulled over by the police for reasons touted as incomprehensibly slow driving. In a quick rejoinder, the giant internet company posted on Google+ saying, ” Bet humans don’t get pulled over for that too often.” Sounds like a joke, right? No serious action taken, though the incident does raise concerns as to whether autonomous cars are too much cautious.

It is reported that the car was doing 24mph in 35mph speed-limit zone. However Google’s own post said that they have capped the speeds of their prototype vehicles at 25mph for safety purposes. By extension, the post added that Google wants the prototypes to feel, and be, not only approachable but also friendly.

Google added that they have done 1.2 million independent test drives without being ticketed. In September, the company reportedly said they were working on making the cars more humanistic on the roads. This was a after several complains were leveled against the cars’ too much politeness.

Well, according to the company, their autonomous cars have been programmed to adhere to all the traffic rules. Besides, the company acknowledges that problems may occur in cases where a road is shared with human-driven cars, which mostly fail to follow traffic rules. Many researchers in this niche have also appreciated the challenge of getting such cars to work safely in the universe of human-driven vehicles.

As a confirmation to what the researchers’ sentiments entails, a recent case, published by California’s Department of Motor Vehicles, describes how a Google’s autonomous vehicle showed extra-caution at a pedestrians’ crossing. The car is said to have come to a halt, causing another vehicle to ram into its rear side. The two cars were damaged while Google’s test driver sustained “minor back-pains.”

Recent statistics show that about 90% of car related accidents are brought about by human mistakes. Moreover, a good number of experts do acknowledge that self-driven automobiles would drastically tame the number of road accidents.

One of the major factors of advancements in items is not technical developments yet design and style. Though people can claim that technology as well as design advancements go together, it is at the same time fast to take a look at specifically just how design characterizes buyer habits. However, this is not something brand-new because commercial production enabled producers to supply inexpensive products where they are more concerned on layout instead of usability.

This continuouslies the present day. Mobile phone building contractors continually have fun with the dichotomy of performance vs. design. Bunches of designers choose traditional styles as well as instead depend on functions. Lots of others prefer to supply fewer functions yet instead concentrate on the layout, at times collaborating with vocalists.

With such a focus given to create over usability, it is very easy to concern technology gadgets as only style orientated yet it is also important to not fail to remember that such items must have valuable benefits. When selecting a product to purchase there oftens be 3 various aspects that you have to think of – features, style, and cost. At times, you could wish to invest more for layout or functions. At other times, style and capability are combined.

If you constantly opt for the layout component when choosing items, after that you must start to think about the practical aspect also. Although it might be tempting to purchase the coolest made product, it might very well not be the best carrying out. You ought to always inspect the performance of the gadget and also just how you will utilize it. There is little point in getting a modern laptop computer if all you do is create emails or browse the Web.

So, whenever you are acquiring a new item, consistently consider how or why you need it. An example of this is e-book visitors, such as the Kindle. These have functional usages in real life. E.g., a great deal of airline companies are now limiting passengers to a single item of hand baggage. An e-book viewers is a lot smaller sized compared to your ordinary publication as well as you can take a whole lot more books with you when you take place vacation than you could otherwise have the ability to.

Mobile phones are an example of improved innovation attributes. You could take your smart phone for all your media needs. Bunches of phones currently have big storage space capacities enabling you to conserve videos, images as well as music. Several cell phones currently have suitable digital electronic cameras also, indicating you won’t have to acquire a different, pricey video camera. The Internet is no various. Many sites have been created with functionality and also functionality in mind. You could find websites that were established to enable you to handle your Net time far better. They extend from a social bookmarking solution password store as well as personalized homepage.

A passwords supervisor can conserve time and can change the way you work. Regretfully, a lot of them have a more functional style. It will be interesting to take a look at how they will certainly develop over time as an increasing number of people anticipate capability that is shown in a well-designed item.